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Insuring the East Coast for over 20 years


SJR Insurance is Going Further for You to ensure your property, business, or condo association is correctly protected.  

We represent the best carriers in the industry to provide the most complete coverage at the best rate, year after year and as your needs change.



It's THAT time of year again!

Time to take inventory of your bottled water and Spam before Hurricane Blowmeover hits, and to help out we're providing this Preparedness Guide from the Florida Department of Health.  


Click Here


Print out a copy for every family member and note the common meeting place and time in case cell service is out.  Email yourself important papers to an account like Gmail or Hotmail you can access from any computer.


Don't hesitate to call in AND email any claims issues right away, but remember we're in the middle of it too so we may have issues responding immediately. 

Outside of our families, getting you back to normal is our top priority!


Be safe!


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