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Community Association - Cocoa, Cocoa Beach, FL

Community Association Information

Trying to insure your community association might mean wading through a lot of different policy options and requirements. Let us help you get covered.


Protect Your Community Now


Our Commitment to You

SJR Insurance has been the community association insurance experts in Brevard County and beyond since 2000. All community associations need insurance protection for their commercial and personal risks. Both the association and its residents will feel secure knowing the right policy is in place.


Understanding Community Association Insurance

Community associations have responsibilities to look after their residents. Yours might manage property upkeep and maintain common areas. You might coordinate infrastructure services and utility benefits. Nevertheless, any responsibility will present personal and financial risks both to yourself and others.

Therefore, your association must get insurance. Policies will pay for losses from a variety of the personal and financial risks any association might encounter if damaging accidents occur.

Coverage for Multiple Association Structures

Depending on the size, property risks and responsibilities of your association, you will need various insurance. Associations tend to fall into four categories.

  • Homeowner Associations: Most associations have both private homes and shared spaces. These groups generally oversee and maintain mutual common areas like clubhouses or pools.
  • Condo Associations: Condominium groups have both private living spaces and shared spaces. Insurance policies will usually apply to aspects of both common and private areas.
  • Master Associations: Think of master associations as principal groups that oversee several smaller associations. They may be responsible for community parks or ponds that encompass several associations and even in some cases businesses.
  • Community Development Districts (CDD): A CDD is a governmental unit created to serve the long-term specific needs of its community. CDDs typically have responsibility for storm water management, recreation, security, special events, common area maintenance, potable and irrigation water supply, sewer and wastewater management, and street lights.

Having an agent who understands Florida associations is crucial in making sure you are covered. At SJR Insurance, we not only understand them, but it’s our specialty to help you get covered.

Policy Options

We’ll take a close look at your association needs to make sure you always get the right policy package.

  • Commercial property insurance: If common buildings or business property sustains damage, then this coverage can pay for repairs.
  • Condominium property coverage: Associations might own portions of a single unit’s structure or fixtures. Damage to these items will have coverage under this protection.
  • General liability insurance: If a resident or other party gets hurt on the association’s business premises, this coverage can help cover their losses and your legal fees if they sue you.
  • Directors & officers coverage: Members of the HOA board might face lawsuits or other allegations of misconduct. Coverage can apply to their personal protection in these cases.
  • Crime insurance: Assets lost from theft or through employee dishonesty might have coverage.
  • Environmental coverage: If machinery or other assets belonging to the company causes contamination to the environment, this coverage can help you pay for cleanup.
  • Legal defense coverage: Your liability insurance might exclude certain losses; therefore, you won’t have legal assistance for these losses. This coverage can help you get protection for legal costs that arise from claims your policies might otherwise exclude.


 We Shop These Community Association Insurance Carriers

So you get the best coverage!

  • Aspen
  • American Capital Assurant Corp (AMCAP)
  • American Coastal
  • Avatar
  • Cypress
  • Frontline
  • Heritage
  • IAT
  • Universal North America


We're Here to Help You

Regardless of the type of association you manage, you and your residents have personal and financial interests in the property. Having insurance coverage is a critical and necessary benefit. Let SJR Insurance be your community advocate when helping you get appropriate coverage. We specialize in insuring communities in Cocoa, Cocoa Beach, Cape Canaveral, Rockledge and across the state of Florida.

Call us at (321) 264-2434 or contact us online right now!

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